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JBCR VOL IV - Issue 1, Jan ‐ June 2017

Original Articles

Impact of illness in terms of loss of activities among children of migrant indigenous community in an Eastern Indian city

Suchismita Mishra1, Yadlapalli S Kusuma2, Bontha V. Babu3

Abdominal circumference – its relation to blood lipid levels in new born.

Sreelatha M l , *M.Dasardharami Reddy M2 , Padma Mohan P3 ,Jain C S4,Suresh Thomas 5

Treating Minor Burns with Potato Peel Dressings

M. Subrahmanyam

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JBCR VOL IV - Issue 2, July ‐ Dec 2017

Original Articles

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (Fnac) of Lymphnodal Swellings At a Tertiary Care Center- A One Year Prospective Study

Sushma V V1, *Anjana Priyanka A2, Asha T3

Hematological and Morphological changes of blood cells in HIV Patientsy

Karthik Kasireddy1, *Manjula K2, Prasad CSBR3

Prevention of errors in health care- patient (Medical customer) safety

Dr. Narra Gopal Reddy

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JBCR VOL 3 - Issue 2

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