• Print ISSN: 2395 - 1400, Online ISSN: 2455 - 8923

About Us

  1. Covering letter
  2. "Undertaking by Authors" signed by all authors (form enclosed)
  3. "Copyright Transfer Agreement Form" signed by all authors (form enclosed)
  4. Patient consent form, if necessary (form enclosed)
  5. Scientific communication including

    A. Title page
    • The complete manuscript title (max 125 characters including letters and spaces)
    • A short title (max 45 characters including letters and spaces)
    • Full names (listed as first name, middle initial, last name), affiliations and e-mails for all authors
    • Corresponding Author's information (full mailing address, official address phone and fax numbers, e-mail address)
    • 3-5 key words
    • Disclosures
      1. Financial support: indicate grants and funds in support of the study. If none, please state No.
      2. Conflict of interest: state whether any Authors have conflict of interest or not
  6. B. Abstract in structured format along with key words (on a separate sheet)
    C. Manuscript including acknowledgement, references and tables
    D. One set of illustrations
  7. Scanned copy of duly filled in Undertaking by Authors signed by all authors, Copyright Transfer Agreement Form signed by all authors and Patient consent form signed by the patient (wherever necessary)

  8. Mode of communication: The soft copy of covering letter, scientific communication, scanned copy of undertaking by authors (1, 5 & 6) through e-mail (kimsjbcr@gmail.com) and / or CD posted to the editor-in-Chief.