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Evolving Platforms for Research sharing and Review

Dr. Rakesh Biswas

Professor of Medicine Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences Narketpally, Nalgonda


Research is a cognitive endeavor in humans that enables learning through sharing of human experiences and experiments . Ever since human evolution, communication has fostered learning and a major breakthrough in human communication happened in our cave dwelling ancestors thousands of years ago when they learned to code , initially using their vocal cords and tongue and palate to produce repetitive syntactical sounds that could be replicated between humans to create meaning aka semantics.

The next major breakthrough in human cognition and communication was development of asynchronous learning when our cave dwelling ancestors would log their daily events , experiences and experiments along with current location using paint on their cave walls and the written alphabet was born .The journal space is a legacy of that period which has evolved from papyrus to print and finally into an electronics space that we are excited to be driving and one of these is in the area of peer review. Pool text is an evolving online platform that has recently addressed a gap between unpublished authors and editors ( whose journals are without authors). This laudable initiative can scale further by addressing the gap in peer reviewing and feedback to authors on their work.

We have along with our global elective students begun a programme that utilizes an online collective, collaborative conversational peer review method to provide feedback to authors and rewards all the peer reviewing participants by publishing their entire review process as an article in the same journal or another journal.(1) We plan to support their peer review activity further by creating an online journal from the pool text platform where reviewers get publish their group peer review feedback to the authors and global authors get detailed feedback on their work even

before their work is published ,following which they may even use that link to share with editors of other journals where they want to publish their work ( who could be even in pool text) or in the few cases they may just want to publishin the same peer review online journal that pool text may host , which may have a name like. “online collective clinical cognition and peer review”. It will be interesting to watch out for what newer communication platform humans evolve and till then we hope to work relentlessly to develop the above ideas into concrete reality very soon.