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Prevention of errors in health care- patient (Medical customer) Safety


Hospital is a people sensitive place, Providing services to sick people round the clock. People have a free access to enter any part of the hospital at any time for advice and treatment. The hospital atmosphere is filled with emotions, excitement, life & happiness, death & sorrow. Since hospital operates under continuous strain, it gives rise to irritation, confrontation, conflicts and aggression, threatening the life of hospital staff and hospital properties.

We are all painfully aware of the problem of patient safety in health care. More specifically is the growing number of preventable deaths that occur in our nation’s hospitals at an alarming rate. By Patient Safety, we mean prevention of harm to patients while receiving Health Care. Medical errors not only result in additional costs for hospitalization, litigation, hospital acquired infections, lost income and disability etc, but they also cause erosion of trust, confidence and satisfaction among the public and Health care providers.1

Key words:Health Care, Preventable Medical Errors, Preventable Deaths, Patient (Medical Customer), Medical Customer Safety