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Case Report

Neurobrucellosis - A Case Report


Background: :Brucellosis is rare in A.P and high degree of suspicion is necessary to identify this disease.

Patient: A 23 years old male farmer, presented with headache, vomiting, and paresthesias. Severe occipital headache.On physical exam illness, weakness, fever, wet skin, soft spleenomegaly were detected. He had positive Wright test (1/1250) and lymphocytic pleocytosis in CSF. Three drug regimen and steroid (1st month) were administered for 2 months and he responded well to this therapy.

Conclusion: Our patient showed progressive improvement in neurological manifestations under steroid and 3 antibiotic regimen treatment over a period of 2 months which along with history of goat milk consumption confirmed our diagnosis of Neurobrucellosis.

Keywords: Neurobrucellosis.