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Abdominal circumference – its relation to blood lipid levels in new born.

l Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Osmania Medical College, Niloufer Hospital, 2,4,5 Professor, 3 Associate Professor(Rtd) Department of Pediatrics, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Nalgonda Dt, Telangana State, India.


Introduction: Low Birth weight (LBW) is one of the important high risk factor among the new borns. High lipid levels in L.B.W.babies developing cardiovascular risk in adulthood is documented. High lipid levels in new born may be related to liver size as one determinant of abdominal circumference. Thus there is relation between lipid levels and abdominal circumference in new born . It may be used as a risk factor for predicting future cardiovascular disease risk.

Aim: To study the relation of cord blood lipid levels and abdominal circumference

Materials and methods:This is an observational cross sectional study conducted at KIMS Narketpally between Sep2011 and Aug2012.102 term newborns were included in the study.Total cholesterol(TC),Triglyc erides(TG),High density lipoproteins(HDL),Low density lipoproteins(LDL),Very low density lipoproteins were estimated in the cord blood.

Results:Abdominal circumference was recorded and babies were divided into three groups depending on the values.Those with abdominal circumference <26cms,26-28cms >28cms. HDL and LDL levels were almost similar in all the three groups .Where as TC,VLDL&TG levels were significantly high (Pvalue<0.05) in babies with low abdominal circumference of <26cms; compared to other two groups.

Conclusion:In our study statistically significant weak correlation was observed between cord blood lipids like TC,TG,andVLDL in term new borns. Abdominal circumference <26cms may be used as high risk factor in the new born for predicting future cardiovascular disease risk.

Key words:Abdominal circumference, cord blood lipid levels, new born, cardiovascular risk