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Review Article

Treating Minor Burns with Potato Peel Dressings


Background: The use of natural products to enhance the wound healing is a common practice in many parts of the world. Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum), as raw, boiled, peeled, or mashed have medicinal properties. Potato peels as a by-product from potato processing are available in large amounts and contain a wide variety of compounds that could be used in foods and also in non-food applications. Management of the burn wound still remains a matter of debate, and an ideal dressing for burn wounds has not yet been discovered. Prevention of infection and treatment of infection in burn wounds are major aims of treatment. Many systemic and topical regimes are in use, but none is completely satisfactory. Wounds epithelialise more rapidly in moist environment. For burn wounds, homografts and xenografts are ideal for covering these wounds to prevent infection and rapid epithelialsation. Potato peels resemble skin and it has an outer and inner surface. Potato peels with the outer surface in contact with the burns can be used to cover the burn. Boiled potato peels have been used to cover the fresh burns wounds. This article reviews the use of potato peels in burn wounds.