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Case Report

A rare case of Intraventricular Pneumocephalus

1Post graduate, 2Assistant Professor, 3Professor and Head, 4Senior Resident, Department of Radiology, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Narketpally, Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India.


Pneumocephalus also called intracranial aerocele or pneumatocele is the presence of air in the subarachnoid pathways, ventricles or the brain substance. It occurs usually after trauma, however it can also be iatrogenic. Subdural and subarachnoid pneumocephalus are commonly seen following trauma, however intraventricular pneumocephalus is rare. We report a rare case of intraventricular pneumocephalus following skull trauma./p>

Key Words: Intraventricular pneumocephalus, Mount Fuji Sign.